Who is God or what is God where is God, As a child we all grew up one way about life be-leave that with out God in your life You will not have eternal life you would lose your soul. so right there is fear this where we become stagnant in hour self. you see hour parent come up the same way in life they take use to the chuck on Sunday we never get the chance to see thou the real essence of what is Gog or who is Gog.We never  learn the true value of hour self instead we have fear deep within hour self. Well I experience it all the defiant is wile observing I fined my self when fining your self it seem like you are bless more than any one you field special about your self this is Wat makes the defiant when finding your self you see the surrounding defiant appreciate life more than any one you find value. Fining value you fined Gog knowing that Gad within you leave you no fear so right there you feel good about your self knowing that you find your self this is no ego is simple integrating the essence of life. this is Your heart we are God man and Goddess this is what the chuck and the government don't want use to know in life . MORE COMING SOON just fallow my site thank you to visit leave your comment. Why I tell the story is to show that I’m quality only the best I produce for the environment.