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NOTICE : Closeout Club Operating License Magic-kids Authorized Closeout Club DEALER Magic-kids Authorized Closeout Club Dealer: Patrick Jonas Start Date: September 9, 2011 This license, in the name as shown above, authorizes licensee to sell and distribute the Magic-kids complete CLOSEOUT CLUB line. Additionally, licensee is fully authorized to distribute the Magic-kids Closeout Club copyrighted promotional materials and catalogs. All operating privileges and use of Magic-kids Closeout Club copyrighted materials commenced at the date indicated above. Operating privileges may be temporarily suspended at the discretion of the Magic-kids Board of Directors should Magic-kids receive any types of complaints from customers or the pubic regarding the above authorized license. Suspension may be continued until complaints are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Operating rights and the use of Magic-kids Closeout Club promotional materials are limited to Magic-kids Closeout Club Dealers and their employees only. This license is not transferable. Isaac Mizrahi: Vice President,. This is to Certify that: Patrick Jonas Is an Authorized Dealer of MAGIC-KIDS CLOSEOUT This Certifies that bearer is fully Authorized and Accredited Dealer/Distributor of the Magic-kids Closeout Club Division, and is accorded all rights and privileges pertaining to such membership. START DATE: SEPTEMBER 9,2011 Dealer ID M K88719 Isaac Mizrahi Vice President MAGIC-KIDS & Company.Inc: MAIL TO MAGIC-KIDS & COMPANY 8235 Remmet AVE Canog Park, C A 91304, . TO FIND      DEALER PRODUCTS GO TO THE WHOLESALE PAGE AND FOLLOW THE LEAD                                             

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